2B Whole Gluten-Free European Bakery



About Us

With over 20 years of baking experience and as an inspiration for wanting to prepare family meals and desserts for those having sensitive dietary needs pertaining to gluten and other allergen sensitivities, we decided to create 2B Whole in order to provide our customers with the same high quality baked goods that we provide to our families. This company was started due to bakery owner, Toula’s childrens’ dietary restrictions which were diagnosed over ten years ago due to allergies. These dietary restrictions forced them to change their eating habits and these changes have drastically improved their overall well being. Now, everyone in her family follows a well balanced, allergen free, gluten free diet and the results have been extraordinary. Since then, Toula became passionate about wanting to help others dealing with the same food allergy challenges which led to the birth of 2B Whole Bakery.

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