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Our staff has 40+years combined experience in over 1800 developments and development related services. Our client services include; Land Surveying (“ALTA/ACSM” surveys including title examination), Stream Mitigation Design, 303(d) jurisdictional consulting, and Civil Engineering Construction Plan Design for: Local, Collector and Arterial Roadways; Mixed Use Developments; Industrial Developments; Residential Developments; Fee Simple Townhomes; Apartments; Cluster Homes; Community Unit Plans; Office Warehouses; Low-, Mid- and High-Rise Office Towers (3 to 19 floors); Commercial Shopping Centers; “Out Parcels”; “Retail Power Centers”; Hotels, Hospitals, Fire Stations; and Institutional and Municipal Services. We also specialize in consulting services such as City and Municipal Design Review Board Presentations; Re-Zoning Applications, Amendments, Variances, and Presentations are also provided.


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