Georgia Pixel LLC


Photographers/Photo Finishing/Framing

About Us

Georgia Pixel began in 2016, providing basic 360 photography of construction sites and finished homes for a group of residential builders in North Georgia. Due to builder demands, we decided to expand our product offerings to include custom virtual tours for web and social media, HDR (high dynamic range) 2D wide-angle photography, aerial photo/video, floor plan creation, virtual room staging, and more.

In 2019, Georgia Pixel began offering the above services to a wide variety of businesses, ranging from restaurants, hotels, assisted living facilities, event facilities, retail, commercial, industrial, and even municipalities. The relevance and benefits of quality 360 photography is incredibly underestimated. It is highly valuable media which provides unique perspective, interactivity and viewer engagement and, in most cases, the viewer may be a potential buyer.

Today, we focus on providing high quality Google Street View Tours, Custom Virtual Tours, HDR Photography, Aerial Photo/Video and Virtual Room Staging. Reputation is everything: we take our time when shooting, use the best equipment available, and pride ourselves in post processing capabilities.