INDIEHOUSE modern fragrance bar

INDIEHOUSE modern fragrance bar



About Us

At INDIEHOUSE modern fragrance bar, we understand that you want to be an interesting person to know. In order to do that, you need a unique fragrance that represents who you are and gets people's attention (in a good way!) The problem is, there are too many choices and the differences are unclear, which makes you feel overwhelmed and uninspired. We believe it should be easy to find a unique scent. We understand that you don’t want to be like everyone else, which is why we sniffed hundreds of fragrances from around the world to bring you the most interesting choices while staying true to our clean standards. Here’s how to get started:

Choose the mood you want to communicate
Take a few for a test-drive in your real life
Invest in a fragrance you are crazy about

Find yours on our website or in our Downtown Alpharetta store. Or come join us at a workshop and create your own.
We offer weekly fragrance creation workshops, private events for birthdays, family reunions and bridal parties.
If you are casually stopping by, you can create a custom ORGANIC body product scented just the way you want it, no reservation needed!

Stop wasting money on ordinary scents and instead be remembered for the interesting person you are.


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Tucked off the beaten path behind Smokejack & Liberty Hall
Shop CLEAN fine fragrances imported from around the world
Shop CLEAN fine fragrances imported from around the world
Weekly classes and private events are held in our dedicated workshop space
Teambuilding, Bridal Parties, Birthdays and Girls Night Out are a few excuses to come have fun at INDIEHOUSE!
Wander in an explore our ORGANIC custom blending bar
Choose a note or two and we will blend it into the product of your choice